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Need expat info for Germany?

If you plan on driving or owning a car in Germany, there are several aspects to consider: What’s easier – importing your vehicle or buying a car in Germany? Do you need a German driving license?

Germany to Donald Trump: ‘U.S. Needs to Build Better Cars’

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel hit back Monday after President-elect Donald Trump threatened tax hikes for automakers who produce outside the U.S., warning that the move would hurt the Americ

Driving rental cars from Germany to Eastern Europe – Belgrade Forum

Save Topic Driving rental cars from Germany to Eastern Europe 24 March 2014, 19:51 I am planning to fly from the U.S. to Munich, Germany for a three-week

AWS to Windows devs: Come out of the dark, into the Lightsail

Germany’s government has answered the car ethics question once and for all: driverless cars should prioritize the protection of human life over the destruction of animals or property. On Wednesday,

Germany strikes deal with car giants VW, BMW and Daimler to reduce diesel emissions

Germany’s car makers have agreed to update diesel cars already on the roads to slash the amount of pollution they pump out after a showdown with the government. Industry giant


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No Combustion-Engine Cars Sold in Germany After 2030, Parliament Says

On Jan. 29, 1886, Carl Benz���who had invented the first stationary gasoline engine seven years earlier���patented a “vehicle powered by a gas engine,” which he had built in Mannheim, Germany. By 20

Be There With Maven

Powered by Opel Be There With Maven A more connected, seamless car sharing experience.New cars, loaded with technology. Play Video Coming Soon To Germ

Car rental in Germany – Frankfurt Forum

Grandvoyageur49 Gatineau, Quebec Level Contributor 40 posts Save Topic Car rental in

Performance anxiety is putting car-crazy Germans off buying electric vehicles

Germany, the land of diligent recyclers, is often lauded for its eco-credentials, and its ambitious “Energiewende,” the government’s plan to wean the country off coal and nuclear power. However, as